Hi there! I'm Burhan, founder of Dachi Collections. Dachi Collections was born through decades of passion for travel and cultural arts. For the past 15 years, we traveled around the world meeting with craftsmen and learning about traditional arts. We started our collection not only to share the stories of the people behind the arts but also to share their work with the world so that these arts do not vanish with the passage of time.


Our model is simple and built on the concept of directly working with artisans and delivering a high quality unique handmade item to our customer. We independently verify each item for authenticity and stand by its quality. Our pieces are all one-of-a-kind heirloom quality items. Because no two items are exactly the same, each piece of handcrafted art carries with it a history and personality. By bypassing complicated and traditional sourcing methods and working with people directly, we are able to cut down significantly on costs and provide quality items at a fraction of the cost of comparable dealers. We take great pride and work diligently to make sure our partner artisans, workers and suppliers are treated with fairness.


Handmade, Artisan, and Unique – These are characteristics of what we value at Dachi Collections. We make it our mission to offer unique high-quality items from artisans around the globe. We believe and respect the crafts and ancient traditions that have been around for generations. We work on a personal level with artisans to reinvigorate arts and crafts and help share their artisanry with those all over the world.