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(5'7" x 9'2")


Handmade vintage turkish rug from Işıklar. The rug is approximately 90 years old. The design includes various floral tribal patterns laid on an orange and cream border. The center emblem displays symbols of wealth and abundance.

Pile: Medium

100% Wool

Colors: Parchment, Maroon, Azure Blue, Teak Brown

Measurements: 5'7" x 9'2" (170 cm x 280 cm)

Due to the vintage and handmade nature of the carpets we offer, this piece may possess minor imperfections or flaws. These are not considered as defects, but on the contrary, these signs demonstrate the age of the piece and help define its  character and unique history.

*We strive to provide the most accurate representation of our rug designs and colors on our site; however, some colors may slightly vary due to your screen or monitor settings and/or your room’s lighting conditions.

  • • Vintage Rug from Isiklar
  • • Measurements: 5'7" x 9'2" (170 cm x 280 cm)
  • • Colors: Parchment, Maroon, Azure Blue, Teak Brown.
  • Rug Origin

    Vintage Rug from the Isiklar region.

    Rug Motif
  • Chest - this motif is symbolic of a bride’s trousseau chest; it represents the young girl’s hopes and dreams.
  • Running Water – universal motif symbolizing the movement of life.
  • Pomegranate - symbol for prosperity of life.
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