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(2'10" x 4'0")

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Rug Description

Tulu rug, featuring the ram's horn symbol. These symbols are representative of power. The carpet is aged to approximately 65 years.

Pile: Medium

100% Wool

Measurements: 2'10" x 4'0" (86 cm x 123 cm)

Colors: Brown, Sand, Rust Orange

Due to the vintage and handmade nature of the carpets we offer, this piece may possess minor imperfections or flaws. These are not considered as defects, but on the contrary, these signs demonstrate the age of the piece and help define its  character and unique history.

*We strive to provide the most accurate representation of our rug designs and colors on our site; however, some colors may slightly vary due to your screen or monitor settings and/or your room’s lighting conditions.
  • • Vintage Tulu Rug
  • • Measurements: 2'10" x 4'0" (86 cm x 123 cm)
  • • Colors: Brown, Sand, Rust Orange
  • Rug Origin

    Tulu is the English pronunciation for the Turkish word, "tüylü" meaning hairy. Tulu rugs were often woven for functional purposes rather than strictly for sale. In mountainous regions where winters are harsh, these rugs are commonly used as blankets or wall hangings.

    Rug Motif
  • Ram's Horn - used as a symbol of fertility, heroism, power and masculinity.
  • Dragon - symbol for the guard of treasures and secret objects.
  • Star - this motif on an Anatolian weaving symbolizes happiness; The six pointed star is referred to as the Solomon's Seal. It has been in use in Anatolia since the time of the Phrygians (c. 1200–700 BC).
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